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Fiber Glass  Long glass fiber is a 6-24 micron thin filament-shaped fiber. It is made by ejecting molten glass, which is melted in a 1,600 degrees centigrade furnace (kiln), through platinum nozzles at 3,000m per minute. 
Basic materials for various applications can be made by bundling these minute fibers together and processing them. For its excellent properties such as braking strength, electric insulation, heat resistance and chemical resistance, its applications range from houses, automobiles, vessels, to electronics devices such as computers. It is an essential material for modern society.
With its longtime experience and skills, Centrals Glass Fiber has been developing products, which well respond to customers' demands. Our efforts to actively pursue undeveloped potentials of long fibers will continue in the future. 

Roving Chopped Strand Glass Cord
Chopped Strand Mat Woven Roving Milled Fiber

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